PSA: Google Inbox can alter your filters

Not sure if you’re going to stick with Google Inbox? Check your filters after switching back.

A common pattern I use in my filters is “to:mailing-list” -> Archive it, Apply label. When I tried out Inbox, I noticed that my labels were a lot less visible than before. I started including those labels (or “bundles”, as they’re calling them) in my inbox. But eventually I decided I didn’t like that — the bundled messages were in arbitrary locations, and I had no indication of which labels had messages and how many. I switched back to GMail.

After a bit, I noticed that a number of messages to a particular mailing list were getting into my inbox. I double-checked my filter and, lo and behold, the relevant filter had been changed! The “Archive it” portion was gone.

So if you’re switching back from Inbox, you may want to double-check your filter options.

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